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"It's incredible how well it has worked for me. I hope others will discover Habit Reversal!"
Julia, Germany. Free of Eczema since October 2018.

Control your scratching, heal your skin

Chronic eczema can only exist if you scratch. Over just a few weeks, this programme teaches you evidence based techniques to become aware of, then control your scratching. Combined with a medication plan, you'll heal your long term eczema and prevent new flare ups from sticking around.

Real control

Habit Reversal puts you back in control. You'll get all the tools you need to heal your skin, prevent flare-ups from getting out of control and live without chronic eczema

Real results

Our users average a 92% improvement to their quality of life and an 84% reduction in scratching after just 6 weeks of following the programme

Real support

The programme has a comprehensive series of lessons and videos with apps to help you track your progress. Need some extra support? We also offer personal habit reversal coaching

Real evidence

Clinical trials have shown Habit Reversal to be extremely effective with “dramatic results in patients with chronic eczema” and “a clinically significant...improved quality of life”

"What a great programme! It helped me kick the scratching and got my skin looking clear again!"
Katie, England. Free of eczema since June 2018.

A modern solution to an old problem

Habit Reversal is an entirely online program with a set of digital tools that put you back in control of your skin. You'll follow an online course, receive video lessons, use an app to track your progress and learn how to use your medication effectively again.

The effectiveness of Habit Reversal has been demonstrated in numerous peer reviewed scientific journals but the high cost of teaching patients has prevented it from becoming more widespread. The programme has been developed by former patients along with some of the world's top dermatologists, doctors and psychologists.

You can expect to see results in the first few days; your scratching will reduce almost immediately, you'll see improvements to your skin in the first few weeks and if you stick with it, you can be clear of chronic eczema after about 6 weeks.

Tackle things alone or get some help

It's totally possible to successfully tackle the programme on your own. All it takes is a commitment to learn and practice the techniques and be rigorous about completing the exercises. Some people find that extra help makes it easier and we know that you're more likely to get things under control with dedicated help.

That's why we also offer a coached version of the programme; you'll be assigned a dedicated habit reversal coach who has successfully healed their skin using the programme.

They will follow your progress, giving you encouragement when things are going well and advice when you need a little extra help. Ask for a habit reversal coach when registering for the programme.

What do you have to lose?

Discover a new way of dealing with chronic eczema and finally stop the itch


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